18 Minutes of Music–Free! PLUS Remix Challenge

Do you remember way back when we first started playing in the studio?  We recorded a live 18 minute session of total Windbeat spontaneity with the help of a well known music producer from Tokyo (he arranged the best selling song in Japan of 2009).

Well, we are offering a free download of that jam session for one day only!

We currently have the recording streaming online here, but we will be taking it down for good come 8:00 A.M. Nov. 18, Pacific Coast time US.

How can you get it before it disappears forever?  Just subscribe to our RSS feed via e-mail here or with the link at the bottom of this post.  We will e-mail the track out to all subscribers tomorrow.

That’s not all!  We are also starting a remix challenge!  We want you to take the recording of our jam session, and cut it up, mix it, add other layers…whatever you want!  Once you have created your masterpiece, just e-mail it back to us at nate@thewindbeat.com by 11:59 P.M. Nov. 25.  We will select the best remix and include it, with credit to you, on our soon to be released five-track EP as a bonus track!  Feel free to submit as many versions as you want 🙂

So, please submit your e-mail today to (a) get your hands on this soon to be mythical track, and (b) have a chance to show off your own musical talents on our CD (you of course will get a free copy).  

*I feel like we don’t even need to say it, but of course we will not give your e-mail out to spammers…we eat spammers for breakfast in Japan–raw, might I add.  We just want to make sure you aren’t missing any of our content during this exciting time for us, and what better way than to be able to send an automatic e-mail to you only when we have new content on our site?

Tweet this, facebook it, e-mail a link, beam it up…whatever preferred method you have for telling your friends about this special offer.  Peace.


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