Springtime Means Thaw Your Feet for Tapping

It’s been a while since we’ve given any sort of an update. While we’ve been silent during the last couple of months, we’ve been braving the harsh cold of winter to practice and play a few small, private parties.

We’ve also been working on a few new tunes. We played one at a private graduation party of about 60 last week. It was greatly received, and some people were disappointed that it wasn’t on our CD.

The melody was written by Mia, and the ukelele is the highlight, transforming from the serene beach style image you have into a soulful, almost marchy, sounding confession of how difficult human relations can be.

The rest of the band fills in as usual in beautiful accord, but Nate has put down the guitar and brought in the help of the twenty-first century–an iPhone app called SoundPrism. It adds a whole new layer to the song that is pretty fun.

The other song we’re working on is not quite ready for the public yet, but it should be a great song to release in spring as it causes an uncontrollable urge to tap your feet or get up and dance.

These two songs are like night and day, and are a fresh and welcome addition to the band’s expanding repertoire.

Where can you listen to them? For a while, you will only be able to hear them live. So, make it out to our first big public event in Kagamimura, or to the earth day festival in April (more details to follow on this event).

Come out and enjoy the sun! Look forward to seeing you there.


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