Windbeat Concert. March 26th. Bee Station. 8pm

As part of the ‘World Tour’ night, Windbeat will be playing live. In the city. Inside!  This is a rare treat.  We will be live, loud and in a warm space – Bee Station.


Expect something a little different – we won’t just be playing the songs from our EP – and we can guarantee a feel-good start to what could be a memorable Saturday night in town!  The mighty Fool and Loose, and the brilliant NEVERSEARCH will be playing after us.  And then… Check out our nightlife section for more info on a big club event on the same night.


Doors open at 7:30

Windbeat Kick off at 8:00

Place:  Bee station in the Harimaya Shoutengai

TICKETS: If you want to come to this event, please buy or a reserve a ticket from Windbeat beforehand. Send a message to this website , Windbeat’s homepage or Facebook page.

Or contact anyone in the band that you know!

Tickets are only 1000 yen.  A bargain!



18 Minutes of Music–Free! PLUS Remix Challenge

Do you remember way back when we first started playing in the studio?  We recorded a live 18 minute session of total Windbeat spontaneity with the help of a well known music producer from Tokyo (he arranged the best selling song in Japan of 2009).

Well, we are offering a free download of that jam session for one day only!

We currently have the recording streaming online here, but we will be taking it down for good come 8:00 A.M. Nov. 18, Pacific Coast time US.

How can you get it before it disappears forever?  Just subscribe to our RSS feed via e-mail here or with the link at the bottom of this post.  We will e-mail the track out to all subscribers tomorrow.

That’s not all!  We are also starting a remix challenge!  We want you to take the recording of our jam session, and cut it up, mix it, add other layers…whatever you want!  Once you have created your masterpiece, just e-mail it back to us at by 11:59 P.M. Nov. 25.  We will select the best remix and include it, with credit to you, on our soon to be released five-track EP as a bonus track!  Feel free to submit as many versions as you want 🙂

So, please submit your e-mail today to (a) get your hands on this soon to be mythical track, and (b) have a chance to show off your own musical talents on our CD (you of course will get a free copy).  

*I feel like we don’t even need to say it, but of course we will not give your e-mail out to spammers…we eat spammers for breakfast in Japan–raw, might I add.  We just want to make sure you aren’t missing any of our content during this exciting time for us, and what better way than to be able to send an automatic e-mail to you only when we have new content on our site?

Tweet this, facebook it, e-mail a link, beam it up…whatever preferred method you have for telling your friends about this special offer.  Peace.

A Preview of Things to Come

Well, a long weekend is upon us and that means a bit of relaxation before the storm.  Afterwards, we will still be getting ready to fully record our CD.

We have had some great pre-recording rehearsals so far, and have recorded a little bit of some of the songs we will include on the album.  You can find Jitenshya and Midsomer on our Facebook page.  Midsomer is our newest song that some of you might have heard at Harry’s in July.
Our album, not yet titled, will have about 6 songs.  We hope listening to these samples will get you excited about the full recordings we will be doing in the next couple of months.  All of our schedules are really busy, however, so please encourage us along the way!

EP in the making

Well we have all had a great summer vacation and we hope you have too.  Coming back down to the real world can be tough, but we'd like to give you something to help you get through the day 🙂

The Windbeat have decided to set a goal for this autumn, but we are going to need your help.  We have decided to professionally record some songs to make an EP.  This will make it easier to share music with everyone who can't really make it to Japan to see us play.  Our goal is to finish everything by December.

While comments of encouragement alone will be gladly received, we would like to also let you know that we are accepting donations.  We added a button on our site, so please visit to help us out with the initial cost of recording.

For those who make a donation of any kind, their name will be added under special thanks in our CD booklet.  For those so generous as to make a donation equal to 1000 yen (approx. $10 US), we will gladly get you a copy of the CD when it is finished.  Just make sure you get your mailing address to us.

Thanks and we will keep you updated along the way!

hot town review

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The night of heat and music went down a storm on Friday, July 16.  Three bands, more than 80 in the audience, and a dance party unlike any other to be seen in Kochi ensued on this sultry summer eve as the rainy season taunted us with its end.

There was even love in the air, captured from the camera’s eye.

With that said, it was a terrific concert.  Thank you all who came out, and thank you to all the event organizers and volunteers.  None of this would have been possible without you.  Stay tuned for another sister event equal in calliber to this one in the autumn.  Enjoy all the pics of the event and look out for the videos to come shortly! More

The Windbeat @ Ring in Kochi,Japan

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For the first time in a long time, the Windbeat were able to play in a venue with great sound set up. Because of our style, we usually do a lot of outdoors shows. While they are a lot of fun, it is hard to get good quality audio.

We hope you enjoy this video and we will try to get another song from the same concert up soon.

Also, if you have any tips for playing outdoor gigs, we would love any advice!


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